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Frequently Asked Questions.


Q. What is the school roll number?

A. 16860Q

Q. What happens if my child gets sick while in school?

A. If a child becomes ill while at school the parents/ guardians will be   contacted immediately. In the event of an emergency an ambulance will be called and the child will be brought to hospital. It is school practice to contact parents when a child falls and injures her head in any way.

Q. What happens if my child needs medication in school?

A. It is the policy of the school not to administer medicines to the children. The school will be happy to facilitate parents/ guardians who need to give medication to their child. Children who use inhalers are allowed to keep their inhalers with them when they can self medicate. Pupils are not allowed to bring non-prescription medication to school. (e.g. paracetemol, cough mixture, ibuprofen etc.)

Q. What happens if my child gets head lice/chickenpox or some other infectious illness?


A.  Head lice are regular visitors in all schools! So check your child’s hair regularly (i.e. at least once a week) for head lice. Lotions and shampoos are readily available from your local pharmacy. Please report head lice or infectious illnesses to the school so that we can alert others.


Opening and Closing Times

  • The school building opens for the reception of pupils at 8.50a.m.
  • School finishes at 1.30p.m. for Infant classes and at 2.30p.m. for all other classes.
  • The school breaks are as follows :
    10.45a.m.- 11.00a.m.( small break) and 12.35p.m. - 1.00p.m.(lunch break)

The Board of Management does not accept responsibility for supervising pupils who arrive before 8.50a.m.or who remain after 2.30p.m. It should be noted that your child may not enter the school before 8.50 a.m. Children remain the responsibility of their parents/guardians until that time.