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This year Corpus Christi GNS has a staff of 22 teachers, 3 special needs assistants, a secretary and a caretaker. There are 17 mainstream classes and three teachers on the Special Education Team. In addition we have a shared post with two other schools. The classes are as follows:


Junior Infants                                                                       Ms. Colfer


Junior Infants                                                                       Ms. McDonnell


Junior Infants                                                                       Iníon Ní Chróinín


Senior Infants                                                                      Ms. Gurry


Senior Infants                                                                      Ms. Cahill/Ms. Stokes


First Class                                                                              Ms. McNulty


First Class                                                                              Ms. Breen


Second Class                                                                        Ms. Twomey


Second Class                                                                        Ms. Kelleher


Third Class                                                                            Mrs. Bourke


Third Class                                                                            Ms. Mahon


Fourth Class                                                                         Ms. Desmond                      


Fourth Class                                                                         Mrs. Harkin         


Fifth Class                                                                             Ms. O Connor


Fifth Class                                                                             Ms. Patton


Sixth Class                                                                            Mr. Coady


Sixth Class                                                                            Mrs. Benson


Special Education teachers                                               Bean Mhic Ghiolla Phádraig


                                                                                                Ms. Downes


                                                                                                Mrs. Walley         



Principal: Clare Galvin                                                     Deputy Principal: Aisling Downes