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healthy eating


Heathy Lunches


We encourage parents and children to select the most nutritious choices for lunch every day. As part of the social, personal and health education programme the girls learn about healthy eating. This is reinforced by a ‘healthy eating’ week which takes place every year to raise awareness about the issue.


The pupils have two breaks every day and many of them bring a snack for one break and a bigger lunch for the longer break. Milk and fruit are available in the school and the parents can avail of this scheme by signing the necessary forms. Forms are distributed at the start of each school year or during the year from the school secretary.


The pupils are encouraged to bring the following types of food for lunch:

Sandwiches/rolls/pitta breads with a healthy filling such as lean meat/ salad/tuna etc.
Fresh fruit.
Unsweetened fruit juice
Diluted sugar free drink (with meals only)


The children are not allowed to bring any of the following:

Fizzy drinks
Chewing gum


As some of the children have food allergies, children are not allowed to share their lunches. Parents are asked to always inform the school if their child has a food allergy. If a child has a particularly severe food allergy, parents of others in the class may be asked not to include that food in lunchboxes.