“Happy Parent, Happy Child” 

Talk for Corpus Christi Parents / Guardians 
8pm on Tuesday 25th November 2014 

Corpus Christi Parents Association invites Corpus Christi parents / guardians to a talk by Sheila O’Malley entitled “Happy Parent, Happy Child” on Tuesday 25th November at 8pm in the school. 
This will cover some of the challenges facing parents in todays’ busy world, and how we need to take care of ourselves to ensure we can properly take care of our children. Sheila will show us how we can help develop our children’s self-esteem and help them to become responsible, confident and competent, which brings benefits to all family members. 
Sheila has given talks to Corpus Christi parents previously which were very well received, and we hope that parents will find this topic just as informative and interesting. 
Biography: Sheila O’Malley is a fully qualified Parent & Relationships Mentor and holds a Higher Diploma in Relationship Mentoring/ Parent Mentoring & Communication. She trained directly with Dr. Tony Humphreys over four years. 
Sheila is a regular contributor to radio and TV. In addition, she is a former parenting correspondent for Independent Newspapers. She is a well-regarded parenting facilitator and speaker and is renowned for her practical, empathetic, professional and balanced approach. 
Sheila set up Practical Parenting in response to parents’ need for training and support. She 
understands many of the challenges we face at home and the difference a little help and support can make. 

more information at: http://www.practicalparenting.ie