National Parents Council Primary has been invited by the Minister for Education and Skills to submit the views of the organisation on "the Role of denominational religions in the school admissions process and possible approaches for making changes" to same.

In advance of making this submission we are consulting parents via this survey:

In a speech made on the 16th of January 2017 the Minister stated he believes:

It is unfair that a non-religious family or a family of a different religion, living close to their local publicly-funded school finds that preference is given to children of the same religion as the school living some distance away

It is unfair that parents, who might otherwise not do so, feel pressure to baptise their children in order to gain admission to the local school.

The Minister has set out possible approaches for dealing with this issue and is seeking the views of those who might be impacted by the proposed changes or those who represent them.

Corpus Christi Parents Association have been asked to circulate this survey to parents of children in Corpus Christi's school.

Thank you