Table Quiz

Corpus Christi PA Fun Quiz Night 21st Mar’14


The recent Fun Quiz night which was held in Na Fianna was a fantastic success, and the PA sincerely wishes to thank all those parents, friends and staff from Corpus Christi who attended. There were over 50 donations of spot prizes, and of course the very generous sponsorship of food platters for all attendees by Macaris of St. Pappins Road.


The hall was packed by 8.30pm and tables and chairs were in short supply – apologies to those who found it a bit cramped. However it didn’t seem to detract from the enjoyment of the night.  There were ten rounds of tricky brainteasers provided by Tim and Edel Coughlin. Tim did a fantastic job as quizmaster, and many thanks to him, to Edel,and his support team on the night, including Orla, Louise, and Samantha.


As well as being a very enjoyable and social night for parents, it also raised much needed funds for the school so that all our daughters will benefit. Hopefully we can make this a more regular event in the future though we may need a bigger venue!