Useful Links

 npc link

NPC contributes to the advancement of the early and primary education of all children, in order to improve and enrich the education of each child and to support the involvement of parents in all stages.
 webwise link

Webwise is an internet safety initiative focused on raising awareness of online safety issues and good practice among students, their parents and teachers
safeinternetday link

Safer Internet Day is an EU wide initiative to promote a safer Internet for all users, especially young people. It is promoted in Ireland by the PDST Technology in Education and, and will be celebrated in Ireland on Tuesday 11th February 2014. This years’ call to action is, “Let’s Create a Better internet Together”

links schooldays

This site aims to bring together a rich source of information for parents to help with everything from your child's learning and activities to how to occupy them through the school holidays. It has also grown to incorporate a range of information for teachers, schools and parents associations with information on everything from school tours, school suppliers to school fundraising ideas.

links scispy

Spy science is an initiative aimed at primary school students. It comprises of 29 short videos covering many aspects of science. The website includes interactive educational games and quizzes that compliment the spy science videos.

links primaryscience

This website is geared towards primary level science and maths students. It offers a range of activities, science videos, games, galleries, colouring templates and weblinks. For teachers it offers a range of activities aligned with the Irish science and maths curriculum and maps of where to find science centres across Ireland.

links askaboutireland

The Learning Zone section of the Ask about Ireland website provides learning and teaching materials for primary and secondary students. Content is created by teachers and librarians in Ireland and meets the requirements of the Irish curriculum. The website includes over 75,000 photos, interactive activities, games, maps, videos, audios and ebooks.

links ncca

The National Council for Curriculum and Assessment is a useful resource for parents covering all aspects of the curriculum from Early Childhood to Senior Cycle. It contains some useful information and resources for parents.

links scoilnet

This portal for Irish education offers a variety of resources for teachers, parents, primary and post-primary students. Students are offered a library, worksheets and projects for a number of subjects from infants up to 6th class. It also provides advice and study tips for secondary students along with study notes for both junior and senior cycles.