We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the wellbeing of pupils and staff and expects all volunteers, staff and coaches to do the same.

On rare occasions it may be necessary to collect your own child or another child early from school. The following safety points must be kept in mind:

  • Send an explanatory note to the teacher detailing the reason for early collection and the time you expect to collect her.
  • All visitors must report to the secretary’s office on arrival.
  • The adult collecting them must sign out all children. The signing out book is available in the secretary’s office.
  • Parents should never go to the schoolyard to collect a child during playtime.
  • If another adult is collecting your child you must let the teacher know in advance. The school will not release a child to another adult unless there is parental permission to do so.

Visitors to the School
Corpus Christi G.N.S has a strong tradition of welcoming parents and visitors to the school and of engagement with the local community. From time to time there may be visitors to the school On any given day these may include;
Guest speakers
Department of Education Personnel
Student Teachers
Student placement supervisors
Visiting teacher Service
Psychologists or other therapists
Past pupils
There is a reception area at the entrance to the school. In the interests of safety all visitors are required to report to reception before being given access to the building. At certain time it may be necessary to restrict the number of visitors to the school. If parents wish to meet their child’s teacher or the Principal, please contact the school or teacher directly to arrange an appointment. All visitors are required to comply with the health and safety policies in operation in the school.

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