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Corpus Christi NS, Drumcondra, Dublin 9

Green Schools


At Corpus Christi,  our student body is passionate and committed to making our school more sustainable and environmentally friendly. We have an active and enthusiastic Green Schools Committee who meet each month to discuss and coordinate a variety of initiatives and activities which take place during the school year.

The committee is made up of members from 3rd to 6th class and each committee member serves a two year term.  This ensures that each year we have a mix of experienced members, well versed in all matters Green Schools, who can help and train our new members who in turn bring a fresh perspective and plenty of new ideas.

Each month, the committee chooses a native species to promote within the school.  Classes are sent lots of information and activities about the species so that each class can grow its knowledge of the diverse native species of Ireland.  The committee also creates a display about the species on our biodiversity board.

Throughout the year we adopt a variety of sustainability initiatives.  Past initiatives have included No Mow May, deleting unnecessary data at home and at school, introducing composting in the staffroom and reducing the tissue waste generated in the bathrooms. 

The highlight of the year is our annual Green Schools Week and the committee are always very busy consulting with classmates to generate ideas and planning and organising the many activities, visits and trips that occur during this week.