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Corpus Christi NS, Drumcondra, Dublin 9

Student Council


We are very proud to have a very capable, diligent and hardworking Student Council in Corpus Christi. The girls on the student council meet regularly to discuss issues that affect them and to offer ideas on how to make sure Corpus Christi is a vibrant place of learning, fun and friendship. 

Each year elections are held in October/November to select the 2 members of each of the 5th and 6th classes to sit on the Student Council. The girls run a campaign, write speeches and visit the polling station to elect their two nominees.  These girls are also joined by 1 nominee from each of our 3rd and 4th classes. 

The girls represent their own class and a 'buddy class' they bring their ideas and opinions to the Student Council that meet with teachers and the school principal. 

The girls organise school events, present information to classes and act as super role models for our school. They even got to meet Senator Mary Fitzpatrick this year and made a return trip to the Dáil to see politics in action. 

We look forward every year to establishing the Student Council and feel that the members of the Student Council do a wonderful job! Maith sibh!